Click Ventures   Click Ventures, LLC is an early stage investment firm based in New York. We invest in start-ups and young digital companies that use information technology in innovative ways to create high growth business opportunities online.

PASSION is the single most important criteria for investment decisions.

Click Ventures was conceived as a place where a small number of investors, all with actual operating history and entrepreneurial experience, could build a portfolio of promising start-up companies and then put our experience and our networks to work to help those companies build valuable businesses.

For entrepreneurs and CEO’s of online start-ups:
1. We have all been in your exact shoes.
2. We know what the road ahead is like for you.
3. We can help in more ways than you know.

For an entrepreneur looking for seed money or venture capital, this means that you will be dealing with a principal of Click Ventures from day one. If we chose to invest our time in your business, you can be sure that we are serious about investing our capital as well. As a portfolio company, you will be supported by a partner who has been directly involved with your company since the initial investment consideration. We will, as a result, be able to quickly identify opportunities to contribute to the development of your company whether you need to round out your management team, connect with a potential customer, or find a strategic partner. Our ongoing, direct involvement will also enable you to react quickly to financing, acquisition, or exit opportunities.

Click Ventures’ investment strategy is to focus on specific industry sectors where we have the ability to play a leadership role, and contribute value to our portfolio companies. This focus builds our knowledge and network, strengthening our position for future investments.

We focus on a few sectors within the digital industry: communications & technology, data center infrastructure, software & services, and media & entertainment. The Click Ventures portfolio companies that play in these sectors represent early-stage, high-growth opportunities. These are the companies that we believe will define and dominate important new market categories.